What to put in a diaper caddy + product reviews
Aiyana Honey's baby diaper caddy with organic products
What’s in Aiyana Honey’s diaper caddy.

Diaper caddy

Aiyana Honey’s diaper caddy is from Amazon, and we love it. It’s spacious, and it has several compartments. It’s sort of buildable compartments, you can just detach and attach how you want it to be. There are pockets on all 4 exterior sides. We bought it for $18, but I see now it’s going for $10. I recommend it! It’s nice and the color matches any kind of nursery.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy
Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy

Diaper/nappy products

diaper caddy with organic diaper products

These are her main nappy changing products that we are currently using, and I highly recommend them.

Aiyana Honey's diaper caddy with organic products & the honest company

We love this honest soothing bottom wash from The Honest Company. We use it on almost every diaper change, we just spray a little and use regular baby wipes to wipe off. It honestly makes a great difference, it makes everything easy to wipe.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy - honest soothing bottom wash

We bought these 2 so far, and they are different colors. The one we are using (on the left) is the older version. It looks full right now, but it’s only cause we mixed it with water. There was about 1/6 left of the bottle and we decided to fill it up with distilled water – the directions say you can dilute with distilled water. It actually works as good as full strength.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy - the honest soothing bottom wash

We got ours from the US at Target stores. Actually my mom had to go to 2 different Target stores, and she only found one in each. Wish she could have brought back more for us! If you didn’t know already, we live in Norway. We are Americans though, and planning on moving back to the US, Miami in 2022. For the meantime, when we need to repurchase, we will be ordering from Amazon. Online shopping is expensive from Norway. We must pay 25% tax, customs toll, and on top of that the postal service can charge their fees for declaring, Posten charges minimum 158 nok or $18 – they’ve charged more for more expensive orders. This doesn’t even include shipping! It’s crazy. When we order from Amazon, we can prepay the tax with the shipping. I noticed that Postnord delivers Amazon orders, and they have never charged a declaration fee. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to moving back to the US, haha.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy - kokoso coconut oil and babylife baby nappy balm

We interchange between Kokoso coconut oil and the Babylife’s baby nappy balm.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy - kokoso coconut oil

We have used Kokoso coconut oil on Aiyana Honey since day 1. We really love this organic virgin coconut oil. Kokoso did an amazing job in picking the coconut strain for this oil! It’s not greasy, it melts into the skin immediately, and doesn’t leave any sort of residue. It doesn’t have a strong coconut smell either; the smell is very faint and you don’t notice it. Kokoso is a bit pricey here in Norway. It’s around 190 nok at the pharmacy, but I usually bulk buy when there is a sale. It’s totally worth the price though. You can get it at lekmer.no for 169 nok – they also have discount codes if you purchase more.

I think we will use it for her entire childhood. We use it as her diaper balm/barrier cream, her hair, and her skin. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, so we use it on any little cuts she gets. For example when she accidently scratches herself, and it heals by the next day. We also use it when we give her baby massages. I took a baby massage course with her from when she was 7 weeks old. I learned that coconut oil is the most studied oil for baby’s skin, and deemed the safest.

Bonus facts: I’ve been using organic virgin coconut oil on myself for many years. I love to make my own butter and scrubs with it. I’ll share recipes in the future.

If you can’t find Kokoso near you/delivered to you, I recommend Coconut Baby that you can get from Amazon, it’s an organic coconut oil for babies as well.

Aiyana Honey's organic diaper caddy - Babylife baby nappy balm

Babylife products have been a recent discovery here in Norway. They have a line of products for mothers and babies. Sadly they are not producing anymore products. It was an organization that helps new mothers in Oslo, but they closed down. Another store bought their stock, and has been selling it for a fraction of the price. I bought a few products as first, and then I realized how clean their ingredients are, and the quality is amazing. So I stocked up on a few more of their products, too bad I didn’t buy as many as I could when I had the chance!

The baby nappy balm is really easy to use, and has a thick but easy to use texture. It smells natural, and the ingredient list looks clean/natural!

Aiyana Honey's diaper caddy with organic baby products - the honest company - organic all-purpose balm, honest face + body lotion, honest diaper rash cream

On the left is the Honest diaper rash cream we initially started using from day 1, but after a week we stopped using it, and gave the above mentioned coconut oil a go on its own. I think this was actually the very first baby item I bought haha. My mom ended up buying 4 more of these, but we are still using the first one. I honestly don’t think we will need more than this. Aiyana doesn’t get rashes. I think the coconut oil and the nappy balm does an excellent job. But I do recommend having one of these in your diaper caddy, just in case for when your baby gets a rash. Or if your baby has sensitive skin, you can use it as a barrier/preventive cream.

Face and body lotion

Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - organic baby products- the honest company - honest face + body lotion review

We are loving the Honest face + body lotion. We chose the lavender one, and we started using this lotion from when she turned 3 months old. It’s a great formula, smells nice, and keeps her skin moisturized. I also use it to give her little massages. You can buy it seperatly, or as a set with the wash. We have the wash as well, just waiting to use what we have now first.

Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - organic baby products - the honest company - organic all purpose balm review

The organic all-purpose balm is the only product we actually haven’t used yet, but we keep in the diaper caddy. We have several stocked actually. The only reason we haven’t used it yet is because we are using the Babylife baby nappy balm. I’m excited to give this one from Honest company a try though, the ingredient list looks even better than the above mentioned nappy balm.


Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - natusen & coop anglamark

We started off using Neutral sensitive skin baby wipes, as it seemed the “cleanest” in the ingredient list out of the baby wipes available in Norway. Sadly there are only a handful number of baby wipes, and not a single one is really ideal. We found the Neutral wipes to be too dry, so we switched to Natusan. To be honest, it’s not so ideal with the ingredient list, but it’s the only other one we feel comfortable to use. It’s soft, very moist, so it’s easy to wipe.

Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - baby wipes in Norway

Does anybody else use dry wipes for the babies? We bought this box of dry wipes, and we don’t use them so often. But I’m considering using it more with the Honest bottom wash spray. Maybe then we can reduce the amount of baby wipes we use. Surely this is better for the environment?

Other purposes for these dry wipes have been for my make up! Great to wipe brushes off, etc.

Bonus products; items I had in the diaper caddy previously

Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - newborn mother must haves - organic nipple creams

I thought I’d mention these products for the mother, in case there are any new mothers to be reading this, and hopefully you’ll find useful.

I used to keep these nipple creams and compressors in the diaper caddy. As well as breast pads. I used these items for the first month, and then I didn’t need it anymore. Which surprised me. Everything I prepared and learned from were other mothers on youtube. It seemed like I would need nipple cream for the duration of breastfeeding. However, I only used a small amount in total. I’d recommend just starting off with one.

The multi-mam kompresser was a later purchase, after I gave birth, and around day 3 of breastfeeding. My nipples were destroyed from improper latching. I explain a bit about it here on my birth story. Basically, I was in excruciating pain for the first few weeks of breastfeeding. So, I purchased anything I thought may help.

Aiyana Honey diaper caddy - newborn mother must haves- motherlove organic nipple cream

I used the Motherlove organic nipple cream the most, because I appreciated the natural ingredients. I only had the Purelan because they were gifted to me. Purelan is really thick and sticky, which I didn’t mind. You don’t really mind stuff when your nipples are screaming in pain haha. The Motherlove nipple cream is made with natural ingredients, and I felt it’s probably better for our baby. Plus it seemed like what every American mom suggested on youtube haha. But I think either one works fine. Purelan is made from 100% lanolin. I don’t know too much about it, but I’d prefer non-animal product.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll link a new post when we change out any products.