The Perfect Dress For Spring/Summer 2020

I don’t consider myself a fashionista by any means. To be honest I don’t even read a magazine unless it’s science-related. For a while, I was feeling uninspired as well. I guess that’s from being pregnant and then having a baby. I finally feel great! So I’ve been doing some shopping. Rewarding myself with new dresses, hehe. Check out my favorite dress I wore this week. I’d say it’s the perfect dress for spring/summer 2020.

The perfect dress for spring summer 2020 from - heart print midi dress
It’s simple yet unique and the fabric is soft & comfy.

Here’s my most recent favorite purchase. It’s the Heart Print Midi Dress from Nelly.

The perfect dress for spring summer 2020 from - heart print midi dress
I love the little ♥♥♥
The perfect dress for spring summer 2020 from - heart print midi dress
The shoes are NA-KD fashion. I bought these last year and finally unboxed them hehe.

I’ll be sharing more fashion related posts!

Every Sunday I will be sharing with you guys my favorite outfit for that week. You can check out my fashion related posts here. Aiyana Honey might be in the future posts as well. Or at least doing a cameo like today. We do enjoy dressing up together. Well, I’m not sure if she knows that, but I do enjoy it. Haha.

I do have to say that I’ve been really appreciative of dresses lately though. It’s so easy to just put one on. Having a baby, I don’t have the same time as before. I’m also enjoying the types of dresses that are in this season. Or maybe it’s that my taste in dresses have changed as well since I am a mom now. I notice I’m going for more of the free-flowing type of dresses. Where pre-baby me would go for pencil type, leather, more of an office and dinner looks.

I think it is the latter though. I’ve noticed my wardrobe is a lot more colorful now as well. I don’t wear black as often as I used to since I’m trying to match Aiyana Honey. I’ve also said goodbye to all my chokers, ripped jeans, bodysuits, 4-inch heels, which were a staple in my pre-baby wardrobe haha. Although I do wear bodysuits from time to time as long as it’s easy to access the boobs for breastfeeding. But you ladies get my drift.

Which reminds me, when I first became a mother. I was the worst clothes shopper for Aiyana Honey. I didn’t know how to translate my style into baby clothes. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I kept going for gender-neutral colors. Once I ended up buying a ton of boy clothes thinking it was gender-neutral haha. So there’s a lot of little Aiyana wearing black pants or brown shirts in the photos.

Who else can relate? ♥

Sigh! I’m much better now though. Her wardrobe consists of lots of pinks and the girliest items. I love it! I absolutely love being a girl mom.

So let me know what you think. Do you agree that’s the perfect dress for spring/summer 2020? Leave me a comment, and share any of your new favorites as well.