Korean Skincare & Beauty Products: Where To Buy Online & What To Avoid

Korean skincare & beauty products have certainly taken over the global skincare & beauty industry. Even here in Norway, I’m seeing Korean beauty products everywhere. I do wish my favorite brands were available here though. So, I do continue purchasing online, and I only purchase from trustworthy companies. You should avoid purchasing from the cheapest place you find online. Because Korean cosmetics are so popular with a high demand, there is a fake market. You do not want to be risking your skin, face, or life! Have you seen the Netflix documentary on counterfeit cosmetics? Yikes!

Even on Amazon, I wouldn’t purchase from just any seller. Because just about anyone can sell on their platform. You should check that the seller is a reputable seller. I try to always buy from the brands’ direct Amazon store. But not every brand sells on Amazon, then I usually buy my Korean skincare products from Wishtrend. Which I have purchased from since 2012.

I’ll share with you first my favorite products from Wishtrend, and product recommendations for which skintype you have. Below that I’ve linked my top 5 Amazon Korean skincare products.

What I love about Wishtrend

Mainly that they are trustworthy; not only do they care about their customers, they actually listen to us! Since I’ve first purchased from them, they’ve listened and created their own skincare line that’s clean and actually works. Hello clear & glowy skin. They’re about positive beauty. The other brands they sell are reputable brands with clean ingredients; like Cosrx, Klairs, Skin&lab, and more. I’ve always been happy with my purchases. I do have a discount code for my readers: WISHJAN01. I am an affiliate (I am a blogger, hello lol), but I love this brand a lot, and what they stand for. I’ve spent a lot of my own money on their products.

The products are all cruelty-free, the correct pH for your skin, the main 5 skin irritants free: ethanol-free, silicone-free, steroid-free, articial coloring-free, and artificial fragrance-free. Some products may contain fragrance though, you can easily check this on the product page & you’ll see on details. Most products are vegan as well, which are marked vegan.

My top 5 Wishtrend Korean skincare & beauty products

Mandelic acid 5% skin prep water: Gentle exfoliation & effective cell turnover. It’s less irritating than a glycolic acid & other aha toners. What is mandelic acid? Check out this article on why it’s the skincare superhero.

Klairs gentle black deep cleansing oil: it’s the holy grail of cleansing oils. Made with natural oils extracted from black bean, black sesame antioxidants, & black currant seeds.

Klairs gentle black sugar facial polish: I love black sugar scrubs! your face feels so amazing. The scrub is also fortified with the rich nutrients of Shea Butter, Unsaturated Fatty Acid and vitamins A & E to moisturize and soften dry, sensitive skin. I’d recommend doing the double cleanse method with the above mentioned cleansing oil & this scrub.

by Wishtrend pure vitamin C 21.5% advanced serum: This is one of the first vitamin C serums I’ve used & as well, found effective. It’s 70% Vitamin Tree Water and 21.5% Pure Vitamin C to deliver the concentrated effects of vitamin C to the skin. There’s also a sheet masks version of this. There’s also a Klairs vitamin C serum that’s less potent, if you like that.

Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask: I love vitamin E, even more than my beloved vitamin C haha. Use this as a moisturizer, and my pro tip: use a vitamin E moisturizer after a vitamin C serum, it helps boost the vitamin C and keeps your skin hydrated, firmer & radiant.

Product recommendation for clear skin: for those who have hyperpigmentation or acne prone

Clear skin package: Dual-acid Cleanser, Chemical Exfoliator, Propolis Ampoule, Vitamin Cream, Spot Patch and Cotton pad

Product recommendation for rejuvenated skin: for those who need anti-aging, re-balancing, and deep hydration

Rose quartz roller – I’m from special package: Rice Toner, Ginseng Serum, Ginseng Eye Cream, Mugwort Mask,
Rose Quartz Beauty Roller

Product recommendation for sensitive or dry skin: for those who have sensitive skin & need a moisture recharge

Rich moist package: Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser,
Rich Moist Soothing Serum,
Rich Moist Soothing Cream, FREE Supple Preparation Facial Toner Mini (5qty)

Product recommendation for vitamin junkies: for those with oily/combination skin, or anyone who needs brightening, anti-aging, and hydration (great for getting rid of acne scars/pigmentation, dull, and rough skin)

Vitamin junkie package: Pure Vitamin C 21.5% Advanced Serum,
Natural Vitamin 21.5 Enhancing Sheet Mask (10qty), Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream

There are a lot of packages for each skintype that Wishtrend has put together, and they have sales as well. They have helpful videos on skincare, and there’s a lot of information about the ingredients, etc. I’m sure you’ll find the right products for your skin type. I know I did, and I got really clear and glowy skin from their vitamin and cleansing products.

My top 5 Amazon Korean skincare & beauty products (from the brands direct Amazon stores!)

BanilaCo – Clean It Zero Original cleansing balm

Clean It Zero Original cleansing balm: this is the original cleansing balm, the very first one ever made, and now many companies copy. It’s also the first cleansing balm I ever tried, when it first came out. I love it. It’s hypoallergenic and it completely melts off your make up, and it’s a great product for the double cleanse method. BanilaCo now has 4 different ones; original, purifying, nourishing, revitalizing.

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask: this is an amazing black sugar mask, I would say it’s the original one as well. It’s with organic black sugar, nourishes your skin while exfoliating. My skin is always glowing after I use this. I used to gift this to all my friends. Now they have a black sugar honey edition as well.

Neogen Dermalogy Super Aqua Capsule Mask: I love this. It essentially leaves the mask fresh for you, as you click open the active ingredients in the capsule, which then runs into the mask. There’s 2 different ones; aqua & shiny.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist: this is an amazing hydrating mist with only clean ingedients. Amino- and vitamin-rich watermelon intensely hydrates, soothes, and fights free radical damage, hyaluronic acid instantly quenches thirsty skin, and natural hibiscus flower AHA to smooth uneven texture, soften, and hydrate. I love their moisturizer as well.

LET ME SKIN Ultra H2O Modeling Mask Pack: It’s super moisturizing & super soothing. It’s infused with chamomile and centella asiatica extract, and I love it. I’d recommend it to those who need that extra moisture, or has been in the sun, or live in a dry/cold climate.

Hope you found this helpful, and you can find more beauty & skincare posts by me.