Baby Led Weaning Essentials Haul – Barnestyrt spising i Norge

Baby Led Weaning Essentials Haul from Jollyroom Video

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I wasn’t planning on this baby led weaning essentials haul video, I filmed it for Instagram, but then I thought, why not upload it to YouTube? Go check out our channel, and subscribe!

We are preparing our 6 month old baby girl Aiyana Honey for baby led weaning. It turns out that she doesn’t like to be spoon fed at all. Seriously, she refuses. Haha. So we don’t have much of a choice do we? But I’m excited! Something cool about BLW, it seems so natural. So of course, I’m glad to try it out for baby. I’ll be sharing Aiyana Honey’s food journey via YouTube.

Baby led weaning essentials product links

Twistshake Refillable Squeeze Bags (Squeezepose) 5-pack
Twistshake Clickmat & Plate (Tallerken & Underlag)
Twistshake Sippycup / Mini Cup (Tuttekopp)
Twistshake Plate (Delt Tallerken med lokk)
Kidsme Food Feeder 2-pack
Béaba Silicone Baby Food Tray (Porsjonsform)
Barnmatsburken Silicone Baby Food Tray (Porsjonsform)

baby led weaning essentials - BARNESTYRT SPISING I NORGE

BLW is letting your child baby take the lead. Barnestyrt spising er å la barna spise selv fra dag en.

Popular in the U.K. and gaining traction in the U.S., baby-led weaning is a practice where babies 6 months old or older jump straight to finger foods as soon as solids are introduced, bypassing purees and mashed-up foods. It’s called baby-led because that’s what the premise is — letting your little one feed herself the healthy foods she wants to eat right from the start (which is why this works only for a baby who’s at least 6 months old and capable of self-feeding). And it allows babies to learn how to chew (or more accurately, gum) first, then swallow. It also prevents parents from pushing food, since babies are in control of how much they put into their mouths.

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